Student with Learning Disabilities

writeXL's web-based software is ideal for students with learning disabilities, offering excellent flexibility that lends itself to the diverse needs of students; inspiring students with learning disabilities to produce text richer in content and vocabulary. WriteXL includes two uniquely powerful components: one, providing students with subject specific keyword, phrase, starter sentence, hints and ideas lists, the other providing an exclusive and totally flexible method of constructing written projects (small and large). From answering questions to science lab reports, math, history and geography assignments to pieces of fiction, our next generation in online writing software equips students with the tools to achieve their full potential and excel!

Student with Learning Disabilities | Powerful, yet easy to use

Student with Learning Disabilities and their educators require no training; writeXL offers simple-to-use screens, covers ALL core, as well as a majority of elective subjects. Fits perfectly into all curriculum requirements and is supported by a friendly, dedicated team using many of today's latest technologies.

Our Low Cost Student Accounts suit ALL Pockets; Student with learning disabilities can work without distracting advertising on their software!

writeXL's educational writing software inspires richer text, helping students excel in schools and homes around the world!
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Welcome to writeXL
Our subject specific keyword, phrase, starter sentence, hints and ideas lists inspire students to produce text richer in content and vocabulary.

writeXL is the next generation in online writing solutions, equipping students with the tools to achieve their full potential and excel!

Let the writing flow!
What will students gain from using writeXL?
Confidence to produce writing richer in detail and vocabulary in all subjects
Tools to aid recollection of detail
Inspiration to produce fresh ideas
Help initiating writing
Quicker recall of an expanded topic-related vocabulary
Tools to help focus on writing
Enhanced note-taking
Sustained application of enhanced writing skills
Creation of well structured documents
Improved grades & confidence, reflecting a TRUE depth of knowledge!
Who will benefit from using the writeXL system?
Students who . . .
  • Want to develop, strengthen and improve their writing skills
  • Get frustrated not being able to recall appropriate vocabulary
  • Want to produce richer explanations, answers, descriptions & reports
  • Need hints/ideas to help recall important details
  • Want to expand writing & show their true level of knowledge
  • Find the process of note-taking difficult
  • Feel they don't fulfill their potential in written work
  • Need a little help initiating writing
Students who need a Boost or Kick-Start and . . .
  • Find it easy to input knowledge, but harder to output in writing
  • Find it easier to talk about rather than write about a subject
  • Struggle to start or complete writing, affecting grades
  • Find it difficult to stay on task
  • Have learning difficulties that affects literacy and writing skills
What writeXL offers to enrich writing
The Writing Support Component displays 'lists' that:
  • Provide comprehensive, Topic Specific Keywords and Phrases
  • Offer Starter Sentences
  • Provide Topic Specific Hints and Ideas
  • Offer a huge and expanding database
  • Suggest sentence 'Extenders'
  • Serve as 'triggers' or suggestions for students during writing
  • Assist with the extraction of information, emotions and new ideas
  • Can be tailored to suit the diverse needs of a class or individual
What writeXL offers to structure writing
The Main Writing Creator caters for writing exercises of all sizes, offering a variety of approaches in which written work can be formed, as well as subject related, guided formats.
Enables students to build writing at a pace to suit them
Subject Specific screen layouts (optional)
Unique Note Taking Feature
Project preferences retained
What Additional Support Features does writeXL include?
  • Science Lab/Report Writing Facility
  • Math Reporting Facility
  • Secure Teacher to Student Link
  • Q & A Revision Exercise Sheets
  • Educational Literacy & Math Guides
  • Letter Writing Facility
  • A Resource Arena
  • Spelling Project Facility
Visit KEY POINTS to view ALL Components
Students' exposure to new and alternate words eventually enhances their vocabulary resulting in writing and speech becoming a more pleasurable and easier process.
What are writeXL Word and Phrase Lists
Our unique lists have the ability to display comprehensive, subject and topic specific keyword, phrase and hint options; stimulating students' thought processes, to produce writing richer in content and vocabulary, demonstrating a deeper understanding of their knowledge. Assistance is provided in the following ways:

Starter Sentences
Help 'Kick-Start' the writing of students who struggle to get started.

Filler Phrases
Partial phrases to aid with sentence formation and recollection of information

Trigger recollection of information and develop vocabulary through repetitious exposure

Encourage and develop more complex and interesting sentences.

Inspires thoughts, ideas, emotions and extract vital key information

To view more details and examples, please visit 'Key Points'
I know the subject . . . but don't know how to write about it!
Then this system is IDEAL for you! We understand how frustrating it is when you know a subject well, but find writing about it a challenge. This situation can leave you feeling demoralised, but, with a guiding hand from writeXL, your confidence in writing will develop again!
What subjects are included?
All core subjects, from math, science, geography and history to a wide range of literacy needs; in addition, a majority of elective subjects are included from the arts, to food tech and many more . . .
Will it teach me to take notes?
Note-taking is optional within writeXL; however, it is encouraged and is often used due to the assistance provided. With helpful suggestions and ideas, students soon get to grips with noting down their thoughts prior to or during their writing process.
I find it hard to stay focused and on task
Firstly, you will find that having the right kind of 'words' and 'ideas' to help, staying on track is so much easier! That said, some students use the 'focus' animated characters as subtle reminders or as a timer to set themselves goals. The character is a function that can be easily turned off if necessary.
Yes. This area is quite a popular one and is constantly growing. In addition this component is earmarked for further development
in the near future.
What Age Range is writeXL for?
writeXL ideally suits an age range of 7 to 15 years, however the flexibility to accommodate individual needs means the support to a wider variety of groups including Special Needs, Learning Difficulties and ESL, extends our product's age range.

If you would like to find out if we are suitable for your needs, try our trial facility to see what we are about!
Building work at a pace to suit you!
Students have the ability to select how they wish to construct their writing, with options designed to accommodate varying subject and project types. Students can modify their selection as they work by advancing or stepping back through stages to best suit development of their writing.
Below are some of the options available:

  • individual sentences prior to paragraph formatting
  • write answers to questions
  • build work using in paragraphs or blocks
  • write directly to the final draft area
  • a comprehensive science template format
  • a spelling list to sentence feature
  • math specific format
Can writeXL Students and Teachers link?
Yes. Students can access word and hints lists as well as documents assigned to them personally by their teachers/parents/educators should they wish. They cannot however, leave or collect messages with one another.

The link is secure and easily accessed from their control panel.
Support & Security
Support is provided, no matter what type of license you have. Should you have a need to contact us, you will be dealing with a member of the team that developed this product. In addition, we filter and reject any obscene wording in word lists.

We do not sell or exchange your information to third parties and are happy for you to read our Privacy Policy. All system communications are transmitted using SSL.
Finding the right words or terminology for a science lab report can be difficult; so too can remembering the sections and information to include. writeXL makes writing your science lab/report easier, by providing the following:
  • A variety of 'header' options
  • Explanations for each area
  • A list of useful keywords
Just wait until you show your teacher what you really understood!
What is the Resource Arena?
This facility provides students, teachers and parents with appropriate materials to assist with projects/subjects/assignments. Resource suggestions may include books, web sites, DVDs etc.
How can Teachers benefit?
writeXL works alongside teachers to support the development of student's writing abilities. The benefits provided by writeXL can prove invaluable to already busy teachers.

The benefits of writeXL include but are not limited to:
  • Create Word Lists for current projects
  • Decrease the need to repeat guidance and instructions
  • Reduce the need for scribing
  • Upload & Assign documents, guidelines, layouts etc
  • Access the Teacher Resource Arena
  • Access to Revision Worksheets Area
  • Upload spelling lists for writeXL students
  • Access to a wide range of free printables
  • Access to the Wordfit Puzzle Area
How do I access and save my work?
writeXL is accessible securely online. Your work can be saved at any point in development (allowing you to leave and resume later). Your account retains your projects however, should you wish, you can move your work to an external source.
Easy to follow steps
The system is so easy to use that there is NO NEED FOR TRAINING CONSULTANTS! Every page is well laid out, but just in case, there are helpful 'info' guides should you need them!
I could benefit from Educational Guides
That's good, because we've got guides! This is a NEW feature that is constantly growing and includes math and literacy, written in a friendly manner that does not overwhelm.
I need help explaining how I did my math!
Not a problem! We have a math section dedicated to helping students put into words how they solved their math problems. All major math areas are covered, to ensure students form well-structured answers.
Become a Book Reporter
Our students have the ability to become a book reporter and have their reviews available for other students to read. With the assistance of helpful 'suggestions' to start them off, writing
an interesting book review is possible!
What happens to user's personal information?
The personal information we request is kept to a minimum. We do not sell or exchange your information to third parties.
Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
Do the work areas have advertisements?
No. Students can work in an environment without distracting and annoying advertisements.
Fun Trivia
We have included a little fun trivia on a student's home page, items include the DAILY WORLD TREASURE QUEST, fun facts, famous artists, works of art and quotes.
Is there a community blog?
No. writeXL users cannot contact one another directly.
How often are payments made?
Whilst the yearly premium offers the best value, we offer the choice of monthly, quarterly or yearly packages depending on your location. In addition we provide a facility to move to a yearly payment at a later stage should you wish.
Packages available
Depending on your location, you will have to option of either two or three packages: The Solo, Globe or Plus, providing monthly, quarterly or yearly renewals.
Can I stop payments at any time?
Yes. You can stop your payments at any time, following which your license will remain active until its current billing period ends. You will not incur any cancellation fees, nor will you receive sales calls. We would however; welcome you back at any time!
Thank You
For taking the time to locate a product that we are confident will help supplement a student's writing. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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